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 The single wing offense is definitely unique in formation and execution. The offense has been around for over one hundred years and rose to the top of football then declined into almost obscurity during the 1960s. Today, only a handful of coaches still run the offense today. Many teams running the single wing are found at the youth level, but they also exist at the high school level. The whatever is old is new again cycle of football has reintroduced the direct snap style of football into the college ranks with coaches like Urban Meyer of Florida and more recently the pro ranks with the Miami Dolphin’s wildcat formation.

When I started to develop my version of the single wing, there was not much information readily available, most of the coaches who ran the offense where retired or had passed away, playbooks were out of date, and books on the subject were rare.

Coaches today often contact me looking for a series or a few plays to add to their offense.  I wanted to give coaches the opportunity to browse a large variety of single wing plays in one place.

Coach Tom Lewis lives in Galion, Ohio, near where he grew up and played football. He teaches graphic digital design at a nearby high school. He has spent the last 18 years coaching football at the high school level. While at Plymouth High School in Plymouth Ohio, he developed and implemented the unbalanced single wing offense.  At one time Plymouth was the only high school in the state running the offense. His love of the offense dates back to his youth when the stories told by his father about the Shelby Whippets and the single wing. Shelby no longer runs the single wing but many in the area remember it. The films of his father’s teams were the launching point. Coach Lewis spent most of the 1990s as an assistant with the Colonel Crawford Eagles, with stops in Shelby, and Plymouth before landing the head coaching job at Plymouth.He recently was coaching at Galion (OH) High School running a new version of the single wing. At present he has returned to Plymouth as the offensive coordinator and has re establish the single wing  into the current system in place there.The Information that has been gathered now fills an entire closet. It includes game film cut ups, coaching clinic tapes, note books filled with numerous plays and diagrams, and most of the rarer single wing books that are coveted by the single wing coaches of today.

Please be Advised- No refunds
All video materials sold are tested before shipping.  Please keep in mind that these materials are homemade, duplicated DVDs and may not be compatible with all makes of DVD players. Although not a frequent problem, please try the DVDs in different players if freezing, skipping results. This type of video response is likely a player-media issue- not a defective DVD. Many times the less expensive the player the better it is compatible with the DVDs.  You may look here for additonal assistance with problems.  http://www.videohelp.com/   
Email within 30 days of purchase, if the surface of the DVD appears damaged. 
A new one will be sent ASAP. Thanks

Home > About Us

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