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The single wing offense is one of the oldest in football but also one of the most powerful & unique. It is rarely seen which makes it hard to defend. Today's defenses are not equipped to stop the power and deception of this offense. The videos we produce are geared toward coaches that are interested in installing all or parts of this great offense.
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Customer Testimonial Emails
Coach Lewis,
My name is Chris Miles, I am the Head Football Coach at Nandua High School in Onley, VA. I wanted to thank you. As I previously wrote you, I have coached the single wing for 3 years at the middle school level, last season I moved up to the high school level and upon moving I purchased your DVD set. We used your system and Nandua finished the regular season 8-2, and put up over 40 points in 6 of the 10 games. The last time Nandua won 8 or more games in a regular season was 1991. We are very excited about next season since we only lost 8 seniors.

Just wanted to thank you for the DVD series we purchased last November. Played our first game on Friday and even though we didn't win we had a shot in the 4th quarter eventually losing 18-12 to a state playoff team from last year with a lot of returning starters. We rushed for 250 yards with our 8 back going for 126, our Buck running for 60 and 2 TDs and our 7 adding about another 70. Last year we rushed for over 100 yards once, so were off to a good start. Thanks again, LOVE the new offense and the DVD set was great. Good Luck on your upcoming season

Love it! Opening game last Saturday using your videos, books we were able to knock it out of the park.1st & 2nd plays of the game opened with 572 stretch -both went for 10 yards each. On the 3rd play I called the 593 counter it went for a 45 yard TD. The running back told me he had never seen that much open green grass coming through the hole. It was awesome! Then we went into the hybrid pistol and hit a 40 yard TD pass. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We had so much fun.

After using the Triple Spin only once or twice a game during our first 6 games we played it through the first 3 quarters of our game yesterday with good success.

To be able to use it in our Team, we had to adjust a couple of things, like switching side to enable our Center to Snap the Ball directly to the Blocking Back. The biggest change was a simplification of the Line Blocking Scheme. With about 2-3 Linemen in practice most of the time and only two practices per week anyway (and, not to forget, the Spin being seen only as additional Offense to the main playbook) we had to go with pure man-to-man blocking and double teams called right on the line.

In addition, we added several new plays, like a Halfback Pass, two Power Plays with the three other Backs blocking (no Motion, direct Snap to the Ballcarrier), another Halfback Pass with Direct Snap and Dropback and also a small series with an added Halfback Motion.

What also worked great for us was the use of a small but powerful Fullback and a big Nosetackle alternating at Blocking Back. This gave us either devastating power through the middle or a quick additional Blocker to the outside.

So, I want to thank you again for the great basics you enabled us to set with your book and offer you our Spin-Playbook and Video-Footage of the game yesterday in case you are interested in our adjustments for our Rangers Version of the Triple Spin.

Just saw your YouTube bit. Looks great.
We have been in DW Markham style for about 10 years. Added your spin 3 years ago and won a league title 2 of past 3 seasons. Love the speed of the flanking attack. Needless to say the improved aerial threat.

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